Making Government Transparent, Accountable, and Efficient

Americans want government that is transparent, accountable, and efficient, but we do not have that. Instead we get waste, fraud, and abuse. How can we change that?

TransGov proposes two changes that will transform government, making it transparent, accountable, and efficient. These changes are based on rules that government imposes on businesses, and TransGov believes citizens should hold government accountable to these same rules. This transformation requires two reforms:

  • Accountable Disclosure to Citizens as Shareholders. Government requires businesses to provide full financial disclosure to shareholders. This includes: (1) financial disclosure shareholders can understand; (2) transparent disclosure of future liabilities; and (3) independent audits to assure transparency to shareholders. TransGov will help citizens demand the same transparent disclosure for government’s shareholders – its citizens. See Making Government Accountable, Transparent Financial Disclosure.
  • Accountable Taxation to Citizens as Customers. Government forces businesses to charge simple, fair, and transparent prices to each customer. Taxes are the price citizens pay for government services. Currently, our complex Tax Code makes it impossible for taxpayers to judge the value they receive in return for their individual tax contributions. TransGov will help citizens demand tax reform that imposes the same cost/benefit transparency for government’s customers – its citizens. See Transparent Tax Reform.

TransGov’s mission is to educate citizens to understand and demand these two reforms, so that government will become transparent, accountable, and efficient.